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Title | It Feels Like the End of the World (with you)
Pairing | Bradley/Colin
Rating | R
Word Count | 4,073
Summary | All Colin wants is a quiet night in with a big bed, a big TV and a big bottle of whiskey to keep him company. When Bradley turns up however, Colin's evening becomes decidedly less quiet.
Notes | So this is the least Christmassy fic ever but it was written for my dear viennajones as a little Xmas gift and we're both complete angst whores, so it just had to be a bit achey. You have been such a wonderful friend this year sweetie and I wish for nothing but incredible things in 2012 for you ♥ A huge hug to baratheons who did a fabulous speedy beta job on this *squishes*

Also available on AO3
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and enjoys this little thing!

It Feels Like the End of the World (with you)Collapse )
So I wrote a silly amount of drabbles. It began as xmas gifties to some lovely people and then I couldn't stop :S Mostly Bradley/Colin and Arthur/Merlin, so I hope some people get some enjoyment out of them.

Bradley/Colin - Good LuckCollapse )

Arthur/Merlin - HappinessCollapse )

Arthur/Merlin - EasyCollapse )

Bradley/Colin - Five and a HalfCollapse )

Bradley/Colin - NoisesCollapse )

Bradley/Colin - IntroductionsCollapse )

Bradley/Colin - ShavingCollapse )

Arthur/Merlin - HealingCollapse )

Bradley/Colin - PretensesCollapse )
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Hey guys!

So it's Friday and work is driving me slowly mental, and LJ has been acting like an utter bitch and refused to play nice and offer me any distractions! boo!

So I kind of made this post for two reasons;

1.) I am close to completing my merlin_holidays fic...kind of (finally). Just a bit more porn to write and a quick tidy and the first edit should be done with. Which is where I now make my plea. Is there any kind soul out there who could cast a quick beta eye over this little thing? I would be eternally grateful! It's mainly just a general SPAG and tense look through I need (I have a habit of switching tenses which is bad, bad, bad :/ ) It's small, under 4k and I'm hoping to have it ready to hand over by midday Saturday - please comment or pm if you can help, I will shower you in rainbows and cookies if you can :)

2. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! eeek! SO FAST! I still can't quite believe we're in November! This year has flown by! So here comes the obligatory 'If you would like a Christmas card' post. So...

If you'd like a christmas card just leave your address below! All comments are screened.

If any of you have made similar Xmas exchange posts over the past few weeks that I have missed whilst being away please link here :) Receiving pretty things always puts a smile on my face ♥
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Title | Lying on Your CV Never Ends Well (Except for When it Does)
Pairing | Tom/Eoin
Rating | R
Word Count | 1,471
Summary | Eoin is poorly and Tom helps him the only way he knows how, with his big burly arms.
Notes | So this was written for the lovely and awesome ronsoftie for the Fall Swap who requested some Tom/Eoin possibly with H/C, I do hope you like it love ♥ Also, yes, I know arnicare cream smells nothing like honey, but hey it's hard to make medical creams sexy ;) *g* This is my first attempt at this pairing so please don't hate me if I've ruined them! :/ Huge love and hugs to viennajones who cast her lovely beta eyes over this.

Lying on Your CV Never Ends Well (Except for When it Does)Collapse )
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